Lemond Sold!


Somebody bought my Lemond! w00t!

I think I can probably get a KM frame and wheelset with the proceeds. I can transfer some parts from the Diamondback, but at a minimum, I’ll still need dérailleurs, a headset, a threadless stem, and a pair of big-honking, mud-bogging, monster-truck tires.

Karate Monkey Frame
MMMmmm.. Hüsker Blü

That will leave me with 2 bikes, which I think is the perfect number. I’ll have the Trek for sufaces ranging from glass-smooth pavement to moderate fire trails, and the KM for everything from moderate fire trails to lunar regolith.

And that should just about cover it.

Today: 5 miles
May: 37 miles
2007: 326 miles

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