Kung-Fu Primate


I went down to the LBS with the Diamondback and a bag-o-parts. We configured the fit cycle with the geometry of a 22″ Karate Monkey. It looks like it’ll fit just fine.We called QBP and they have some 22″ frames in stock in that lovely blue.

The build list is still in flux at the moment, but she will probably be wearing these hand-me-downs:

  • Nitto mustache bars
  • Deore v-brakes
  • Dia-compe 287v brake levers
  • Dura Ace 9-speed barcons
  • Insane-o 48-spoke phil hub/w 8 speed cassette in the rear
  • nashbar bear trap pedals

Tires, deraileurs, headset, cranks, and bottom brackets are yet to be determined…

Once I make up my mind, we’re calling in the order, and I might have a monkey by sometime next week!


4 thoughts on “Kung-Fu Primate

  1. I’ll most likely be riding the Trek.

    I think I’m going to try to find a shortcut to shave 15-20 miles off the ramble’s route. I don’t think my legs are up to 50 miles at any speed.

  2. Drop a line to James. He’ll set you up with some bail out options. Every time I ride with them I break something significant on the bike(says more about the bikes than the rides), and cut things short. I’m hoping to do the full distance this time.

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