New Commuter / Ramble


On my ride home this afternoon, another cyclist rode up alongside me to shoot the breeze. He said he saw me riding the other way this morning and I didn’t wave.

Shit. I’m one of those assholes who doesn’t wave… I never even saw him.

Anyhow, this guy is going to start commuting tomorrow. He’s got the exact opposite commute that I do, so I imagine I’ll have a few more opportunities to wave at him.

I’m actually going to skip tomorrow’s commute, so I can save my legs for the ramble. This will be the longest ride I’ve ever done, and I’ll need all my strength.

I still have an empty tray on my roof rack if anyone wants to carpool. I’ll probably be pulling of Mechanicsburg around 6:30.

This afternoon: 7.5 miles
May: 83.5 miles
2007: 372.5 miles

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