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I’m generally anti-social, misanthropic, and flatulent, so I usually ride my bike all by myself. Yesterday, however, I did my first-ever “group ride.” It was actually very nice to have people to talk to along the way. I got to meet the people from ridelugged and empathytest blogs. I have now actually met 25% of the people in my blogroll.

At a Rest Stop
At a Rest Stop

The terrain was hillier than what I’m used to, and the pace was a bit faster than I usually ride, but I had a lot of fun. The scenery was magnificent. I think we rode past every kind of barnyard animal imaginable, except for pigs. I don’t know why there weren’t any pigs. We did see sheep and goats and cows and chickens and horses and ducks and barn cats, and one very silly dog who chased me off his property.


As I was pushing my bike up a particularly steep section I saw two deer that everyone else missed because they were too busy grunting up the hill. It pays to walk sometimes.

A Horse
I think he thought I had an apple for him (I didn’t)

A bit before the halfway point, we stopped off at a picnic area along the road to have our PB&J sandwiches, some cookies, and some wine. It felt very fancy and French.

The lineup of bicycles

After we were done riding, we gorged ourselves on bar-be-que and Beer.

And then we played croquet.

Drunken Croquet
Drunken Croquet

I could feel my life-force fading away, and I had to decide whether to camp out, or try to make it home to my own bed. I decided to go home. Today, I’m sunburnt, my legs are stiff, and my butt is sore, but I’m really glad I went.

I’m really surprised more people didn’t show up. The scenery was totally worth the sweating to see it.

More cows

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  1. Same here. If you ever want to cruise around Gettysburg or something, give me a shout. I think that’d be about half way for each of us.

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