Shitty Ride


I had to work for most of this holiday weekend, but I managed to get a ride in today. I wasn’t much in the mood to deal with the (likely intoxicated) holiday traffic, so I went to the Conewago Trail.

This trail used to be 5 miles of single track until it became the LVRT, when it got all nice and smooth. It looks like they only recently completed resurfacing the lower 3 miles of it. I saw full-blown skinny tyre roadies on it today.

It looks like the trail got seriously heavy use this weekend. It was covered in shit.

Dog shit, horse shit, all sorts of shit, all over the place.

WTF? Pick up after your dog and keep your horse on the horse side of the trail. Nobody wants to walk or ride through a sewer.

Other than the poop, it was a nice ride.

I usually ride past the Colebrook Twin Kiss ice cream place, but it was hot today, so I stopped for some ice cream. I recommend the maple walnut sundae.

It gave me a much needed sugar rush so I didn’t much mind dodging poop on the way back to the car.

Brandi is out of town this weekend visiting relatives, and she took the camera, so no pictures for this ride. Not that I’d really post poop pictures anyhow.

Today: 25 miles
May: 182.5 miles
2007: 471.5 miles
Gravometric Radiation: 1066.972 becquerels

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