When I am evangelizing bicycle commuting, I usually point at my beer belly and tell people that cycling isn’t that hard, because even I can do it, and I’m a fatass.

Today, one of my co-workers tried to ride in to work, 11 miles from the East Shore. He’s a fairly young guy, skinny, plays soccer, etc.

He had to call someone to pick him up after 7 miles. Legs turned to jello, or somesuch.

Tonight, Girtong2 and I did about 9 miles of the LVRT, before retiring to the pub to have beers and discuss the meaning of the universe.
While we were riding, Gritong2 had to ask me to slow down. Girtong2 runs 5ks races and shit.

Maybe I’m a liar when I point at my belly and say you don’t have to be “in shape” to ride a bike. I’m “in shape.” My shape is spherical, but it seems to work for me.

Today: 9 miles
May: 201.5 miles
2007: 490.5 miles
Beer calories: 1066.972

6 thoughts on “Shape

  1. Girtong

    I have to give credit to the big guy… He was definately setting the pace… Of course i have not been in training lately..

  2. Total pussy. I was a blob when I did my first 18 mile round trip bike commute on a single-speed, coaster brake Huffy beach cruiser. I was whipped by the time I got home that night, but I made it without having to call for a ride.

  3. Love the beer calorie metric. I’m partial to real ale myself but can’t my reluctant friends to do that of an evening. I have a friend who always claims he’s a gladiator and appears full of energy whenever I see him. I went for a ride with him once and he just couldn’t do hills – I suppose some folk are more suited to a bike than others.

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