Soggy Commute


I’ve been being a bit of a sissy lately, and not riding in foul weather. I’m never going to be a big tough guy bike commuter if I’m afraid to get wet.

So, I rode in through the stiff drizzle this morning. It was actually very nice. I went without rain gear and just let the sogginess keep me cool.

I should have put my cell phone in a little baggy or something because it got wet, and now appears to be non-functional.

My original impressions of the Velox seat cover turned out to be correct. When I first got it, it was too tight and kept coming off. Today, it stayed on the whole way to work, and even kept my seat dry when I had the bike on the roof of my car.

I’m not really looking forward to climbing back into my soaking wet bicycle clothing at the end of the day. I may have to try to rig a clothesline under my desk when no one is looking…

This morning: 8 miles
June: 8 miles
2007: 498.5 miles
Raindrops: 10793.88

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