Where to Live, Part 2


Brandi and I are starting to look around for a new place to live. I performed a little analysis on my lunch break yesterday. The area in color is (approximately) within 10 miles from my office in Summerdale. I consider 10 miles to be within “easy” cycling distance.

Optional Bicycle area

This takes into account things like mountains and rivers that I won’t be riding over. Interestingly, there is an area on the East shore within a 1 mile radius of the Harvey Taylor bridge that is within range. There is also a weird little part of Marysville that would work.

I don’t think I’ve ever been on most of the roads around the curl-e-queues of the Condodoguinet creek, so I’ll have to do some exploring.

If you know of anyone trying to sell a really cheap house in the colored area of this map, let me know!

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