Moonlight Ride


It was too hot and muggy outside to ride today, so I waited for the sun to go down and took the Monkey to the Stony Creek trail.

It gets really freaking dark in the woods. My little 10 watt rechargeable headlight was just barely enough light. I would like to get a nice dynohub system, but all my spare funds are tied up in another endeavor at the moment.

Blackbeard Flag
Heave, Ho. Hoist the Colors

More on this exciting project a bit later…

In the meanwhile, I’ll have to try to decide whether to get the Shimano or the Schmidt hub.

Today: 10 miles
June: 118.5 miles
2007: 609 miles

2 thoughts on “Moonlight Ride

  1. From what I’ve read, the performance on both is awfully similar. It comes down to whether you want German engineering or Japanese. Porsche or Acura NXS. The Schmidt is shinier. Me? I have a Schmidt on my commuter bike and I’ve been happy, at least for this past commuter (school) year. When I bought it, the extra $$ was a difference. 5 years from now, will I care about that expenditure? No. Can’t go wrong with either.


  2. If you didn’t see it there is a 27 comment thread on the real and metaphorical values of the Schmidt vs. the Shimano at

    It gets into the real quantifiable differences in the two hubs in question and also gets into the higher philosophical reasons and motivations for spending the extra money on bike parts (and things in general) in which the actual difference might or might not be worth the monetary difference.

    Interesting stuff. All are moot points for me because my budget says $30.00 Planet Bike battery-powered lights, but still interesting.

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