New Multi-Use Trail


This morning, I heard on the radio that there is going to be a new multi-use trail along the East Shore from Columbia to the Dauphin County line near Falmouth.

(Marietta) — A Lancaster County community plans to begin construction this fall on its portion of a ten-mile trail that’s to run from Columbia to the Dauphin County line. East Donegal Township Manager Barb Stoner says the project will involve paving a three and a-half mile stretch of the Northwest River Trail, as well as building a new boat launch. Stoner adds the project is as much about preservation as it is about recreation.

By my calculations, it would only be necessary to acquire about 5 miles of right-of way to connect this trail with the Conewago/LVRT.

The Columbia trail head is already served by PA Bike Route S, which will connects to Bike Route J and the YHRT.

I think having a trail to Falmouth will make it possible for more bicyclists to attend the Falmouth Goat Races in the fall. Goats and bicycles go nicely together.

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