Baby Seat


It’s been a while since I’ve been on my bike. This weekend, I managed to get a ride in with Klinutus and Klinutor. I wanted to cruise around Milton and get some GPS logs for the map.

Klinutus had parental duties to attend to, so he bolted a child seat on his Bridgestone, and we were off.

Klinutus Jr. is ready to roll

No ride through Milton is complete without a picture of the Chef Boy-Ar-Dee factory. A long time ago, I had a job looking after the Chef Boy-Ar-Dee corporate network servers.

I used to get a discount on Beef-a-roni and everything. Ah, happy days…

The Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Factory in Milton

Anyways, all the excitement was too much for Klinutus Jr. He fell asleep before we made it back.

Klinutus Jr. sleeps

Saturday: 10 miles
July: 64 miles
2007: 673 miles

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