Rattling Run


I was going to ride the Stony Creek trail today, but I was getting a little bit bored with it, so I opted for the Rattling Run Trail, which leaves from the same parking lot. It kind of runs parallel to the SCRT, except that it’s on top of the mountain and not in the valley.

The obvious flaw in my plan was that I was going to have to get to the top of the mountain, which is no small feat given my general lack of conditioning.

But, I rocked the granny gear and, truth be told, did more pushing than riding at first, but I finally made it to the top. I was hoping for a nice panoramic view to take a picture of, but all I saw was haze.

So I turned around and got a very quick refresher course on descending on a mountain bike.

I was flying down the trail when I saw a medium sized log up ahead. Odd, I didn’t see that on the way up.

I figured with the 2.1″ nanoraptors, I’d be able to just roll over it anyhow.

I didn’t get the chance, the “log” slithered off the trail just before I would have hit it. I stopped the bike for a photo opp.


It’s our old friend, Mr. Rattlesnake. I guess this is his trail, seems like they named it after him.

I tried to talk to him for a bit, but he wasn’t much of a conversationalist. Mostly, he just shook his tail and took up threatening postures while I took his picture.

He was a big fucker, too. As big around in the middle as my forearm. Look how big his rattle is!


Today: 10 miles
July: 133 miles
2007: 742 miles

4 thoughts on “Rattling Run

  1. George, They really aren’t too scary as long as you stay back and use the zoom lens. They can only strike 2/3 of their body length.

    Mom, he wasn’t really all that loud, he just had a lot of rattles.

    Alberto, I’m not sure where your neck of the woods is, but I tend to find snakes on mountaintops and ridge lines, where they crawl out on the rocks to get warm.

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