How to Download GPX Tracks under Linux


Somebody asked me how to do this a few days ago, and since google is not much help, here is how to download GPX track files from a GPS (Garmin eTrex in my case) over a Serial port (/dev/ttyS0 in my case), under Linux (Ubuntu Feisty in my case).

  1. Install the GPS Babel Program thusly:
  2. sudo apt-get install gpsbabel
  3. Plug the GPS into your first serial port.
  4. Turn on the GPS and make sure you have a saved track file in it.
  5. Run the following from a terminal
  6. gpsbabel -tw -i garmin -f /dev/ttyS0 -o gpx -F "test.gpx"
  7. You should now see your nice GPX file sitting in the directory from which you ran the command.
  8. Congratulations, You are now cool.

4 thoughts on “How to Download GPX Tracks under Linux

  1. Martijn

    My eTrex (an eTrex Venture Cx) can save .gpx files on its flash card. You can then read them either in a card reader, or use the eTrex as a card reader.

  2. Steve G

    My eTrex Vista is dead I think! I can’t get the satelites to establish a connection. I’m begining to think its in need of repair or new model replacement. Know anywhere to get it serviced?

  3. interesting gpx google map integration.

    I have the terrain navigator pro at work, I got my etrex back with a simple >new location>automatic search for sats.

    I also updated to the latest software version from garmin which was 3.7, I was back in 2.4 land. I think I’m back in action with the Vista now! I hope to get out and try some points and see what I can map out.

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