Bourgeois Way


About a year ago, some evil arseholes built a fancy-pants housing development high atop the east end of Blue Mountain. This made it necessary to re-route the Darlington trail. Now, you can’t (legally) walk to the end of the mountain to take in the view of river.

Evil Bastards

The very existence of this development makes me want to puke, but there it is, painfully visible for miles around, and so it needed to be mapped.

I took my GPS and puttered around the voluminous million-dollar assemblages of plywood and plastics that replaced the trees.

Then, I came to a gate! The upper reaches of this development are, evidently, off-limits to amateur cartographers. There was no street sign to reveal the name of the street beyond the gate.

I thought about my options… I could:

  1. Not map it at all. It’s not accessible anyhow.
  2. Jump the gate and map it
  3. Map it from aerial imagery, and leave it unnamed.
  4. Map it from aerial imagery, and make up my own snarky name for it.

My Own Snarky Name for it.

I think I made the correct choice.

2 thoughts on “Bourgeois Way

  1. You rule. I linked to your half-assed twine-wrapping job, and I really like your ‘bourgeois way”.
    That development looks like some evil Mayan serpent from the air.

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