Some of you may remember a little while ago, I said something to the effect of buying the “rattiest shit hole” house I could find.

Today, I entered into a contract to purchase a 117 year old house.


Unless the home inspectors give me a good reason to abort, this will be home.

It needs a lot of work, and I don’t even think I own a hammer at the moment.

When I got done signing the papers, and put down my pen, my Realtor told me that he “admired my sense of adventure”. Probably not a good sign…

On the bright side, I’ll be 9 miles from work, 4 miles from downtown, and 1 mile from Moe’s bar.

I ultimately got out of this contract due to an over abundance of termites in the woodwork.

5 thoughts on “Adventure!

  1. Why no ossifer, I have not been drinking. I think my wheel must be out of true.

    As for home renovations: always calculate an accurate estimate of your costs and time, and then add 50%.


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