Klinutus Fall Down, Go Boom


Klinutus, looking for sympathy from the Danish hottie-pants bicycle chicks, forwarded me the story of his recent crash.

I took a ride tonight and had a car pull out in front of me. I
wouldn’t have hit them but it was enough to throw off my line and
cause me to not make the turn. I went down about 15-20MPH. Here are
some pictures of the aftermath. The bike took some minor damage too,
I am going to need to rewrap the handlebars. Funny thing was there
was an Amish guy riding his bike by when I wrecked.

Amish Guy: You crashed.
Me: Yup
Amish Guy: Are you alright?
Me: Yeah, I’m fine. (Trying to put my chain back on)
Amish Guy: Your knee is bleeding.
Me: It will be alright.
Amish Guy: Your arm is bleeding too.
Me: Its not that bad.
Amish Guy: I think you slide on the loose stones.
Me: Yeah.
Amish Guy: You crashed really hard.
Me: Yup

I really wanted to just get back on the bike and keep riding before I
had time to look at how bad my knee was or things started to stiffen

Road Rash

Road Rash
Vampire Kitty drinks blood!

If you are a hottie-pants Danish* bicycle chick, please paypal monies and/or email nude photos** to the Klinutus Bike Crash Fund.

* Nude photos of hottie-pants bicycle chicks of non-Danish nationalities also accepted. I will see that he gets to look at the picture, and watch me spend the money.

**Nude photos of Amish chicks will be deleted immediately.

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