For the past few weeks I’ve been finding it harder and harder to care about the world of cubicles and traffic and the 5 o’clock news.

I decided it was time spend a weekend as a hermit. So, I loaded up the bike and some camping gear and headed for the north woods.

The Pine Creek Rail Trail is 60 miles long and runs through some really nice scenery (especially at this time of year)

Little Pine Creek

I got there early Saturday afternoon and put in about 25 miles before I stopped for dinner at the Waterville Hotel, where I got a “mountain burger” and “freedom fries” (It said “freedom fries” right on the menu, no kidding).

I was lazy and didn’t get a permit for “primitive” camping along the trail, so I pitched my tent in the State Park, which wasn’t nearly as deserted as I was hoping. I was prepared though, and brought earplugs to block out the radios and screaming children, and I managed to get to sleep.

Next morning, I got back on the trail. I wanted to to get in a few more miles, and soak in a little more scenery before I had to pack up to get home for work the next day.

Pine Creek

More Scenery

One of the great things about the Pine Creek trail is that there are outhouses about every 5 miles. This is extremely handy, especially if you were eating “mountain burgers” the night before.

I was a little bit disappointed that the leaves hadn’t changed color more. Things were still pretty green up there for this time of year.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back one more time before the snow comes and the valley is overrun with Panserbjørne.

There’s a few more pictures in the Gallery, if you’re interested.

5 thoughts on “Hermitage

  1. It’s really a wonderful trail. If you’re going to camp over, I’d get a permit to camp right by the trail. The state park campgrounds are full of noisy cretins.

    I stopped by one of the campsites, and they aren’t that primitive, really. There’s a fire ring, a picnic table and an outhouse. The one I saw was about 50 yards from a parking lot, so you could shuttle in heavy gear relatively easily.

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