Cycle Maps


When I tell people about OSM, they often think I’m crazy. “Why don’t you just use google maps?” they say.

Here’s why, bitches.

Can google maps do this?

No? I didn’t think so.

Google maps is for cars. This is for bikes.
Bike trails are colored and bright. Interstates (and other uninteresting steets) are grey and dim.

This is only the beginning. Soon, there will be data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission so you will know how steep the hills are, and routing software to help you avoid them.

Today Gmaps. Tommorow, the World!

P.S. (Thanks to Andy for rendering and hosting the tiles.)

4 thoughts on “Cycle Maps

  1. Nice one, glad to see someone reusing the tiles! Let me know if you want the rendered area extended or anything.

    (You need to sort out your ‘white.png’ file though – when Openlayers can’t find a tile on my site, it then tries to use your onImageLoadError file – but if that doesn’t exist it just keeps trying (!), so your logs will be filling with a million 404s!)

  2. 80n came up with something called Clopin. It’s basically just extra tags and a custom XML stylesheet that renders onto transparent PNGs and overlays the map. Since it’s all based around the same map it means I get dead straight lines (so long as I keep rendering up to date) rather than having to, say, faff around with Gimp manually painting on lines.

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