Golden Compass


I saw the Golden Compass movie. I liked it, Brandi hated it. We both loved the books. The amount of material removed from the books to make the movie was staggering, but I guess you have to do that, otherwise the movie would be 9 hours long.

I took the daemon quiz, and I got a crow. I was kind of hoping for a snow leopard, but them’s the breaks, I guess.

I guess y’all can pretend you know me and vote on my personality traits to see if I lied. Maybe I’ll get a snow leopard after all.

One thought on “Golden Compass

  1. Tim

    We saw it Tuesday on free preview passes, the best way to see a movie, no? I haven’t read it, but I like the movie, as did the rest of the fam. The boys are really eager to read the books now. So much for the subversion of young minds. I’m surprised, though, that so many reviews are negative. Perhaps I like the general premise more than the actual production.

    Don’t know, but good flick nonetheless. Peace.

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