We had a small fire at the old apartment yesterday morning. Cringer (my cat) somehow managed to urinate directly into an electrical outlet, which promptly burst into flames.

Apart from some scorch marks and a truly terrible smell of burnt cat piss, no real harm done, but it was scary as hell.

I didn’t want to leave the cats in a house that might burn down at any moment, so I evacuated them to the new house yesterday, and Brandi and I moved in today.

Klinutus, the Mad Taoist, and even my evil sister came down to help carry heavy items, and drive the U-Haul that was too big for me to handle. Saturdays this close to Christmas are quite valuable, so it was very nice for them to sacrifice one to help.

Anyhow, world headquarters is now located in Marysville. We have no cable or telephone at the moment, and I am stealing the neighbor’s wireless.

If you’ve been saving up your favorite Perry County jokes, this would be the time.

15 thoughts on “Fire!

  1. Gosh, living in Perry County must be on the same level as living in Arkansas or West Virginia according to that web site.

  2. Kender, no worries. I imagine you’re still living out of boxes yourself.

    George, I hear the term “Pennsyltuckey” used a lot, usually by people who think a New Jersey strip mall is the pinnacle of civilization. If I don’t have to run into those kind of people out here, all the better.

  3. Purry County: Where the houses have wheels and the cars don’t. I guess you’ll be putting an extra couch on your Christmas list. (for the front porch).

  4. He is welcome to put a couch on his porch as long as I don’t have to move it.

    And I second the evil sister thing. Except I would have gone with something harsher, maybe tyrannical.

  5. Klinutus, let me know when you are ready. I think I could spare the 5 seconds to kick your arse.
    Mad Taoist, that would be the easiest 10 I’ve ever made.

  6. Seriously, you should fear the wrath of the Evil Sister. *empties pockets* I’ve got 3 pennies, a wad of gum and an old mustache that says Evil Sister will take down Klinutus without even breaking a sweat.

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