Back on the Bike, Back on the Map


So, I just moved into a rather new housing development. It only shows up as a construction site in Yahoo’s satellite imagery. It also isn’t in the TIGER dataset.

Yahoo Images of my development

I managed to scrounge together my helmet and my GPS out of various cardboard boxes strewn around the garage. I rode my bicycle all over my development and now it’s mapped properly.

GPX log of my bike ride

This is why OSM kicks ass and takes names. I put my bike away less than an hour ago, and the fruits of my labour are already visible on the map.

I think this will probably be my last bike ride for 2007. I had set a goal of riding 2,000 miles this year, and I will miss that goal by about half. House-shopping and moving took a pretty big bite out of my bicycling time this year, so I’m hoping for 2000 miles in 2008.

Today: 1.5 miles
December: 16.5 miles
2007: 1061.5 miles

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