More Fun on the Darlington


Klinutus and the Taoist (and a ridiculous dog) came down for a nice hike on the Darlington today.

Here I am, lumbering through the woods.

A Bigfoot in his native habitat

Klinutus brought up the idea of backpacking the 100 mile wilderness after I get my ass into better shape, and I must say, the idea has a certain appeal… Good relations with the mooses, I have.

One thought on “More Fun on the Darlington

  1. When I thru-hiked the AT I was really looking forward to the 100-mile wilderness. Being from Minnesota and having spent a lot of time in the Boundary Waters Wilderness, I had certain expectations for something called a wilderness. I didn’t expect to see out of shape dayhikers and hear logging equipment for several days in a row. Or see wide, well-graded, high speed logging roads. It was disappointing to say the least. The northern half did seem more remote. If I were to go back to hike the AT in Maine for a week, I would go back to the Mahoosuc Range. The wilderness would not be my first choice. My two cents.

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