Roaring Creek Trail


It was about 15°F outside yesterday (that’s -9.4C, for those of you from the civilized world). Perfect hiking weather. So a few of us went deep into Pennsylvania’s Appalachian coal country to check out the Roaring Creek Trail in the Weiser State Forest.

Roaring Creek Trail

The trail is basically a gravel forest road with gates on either end to keep the cars out. It’s very level, almost like a rail trail. It’s 8 miles long with picnic tables every mile or so. So, other than the cold, it was a very easy walk.

A representative section of the trail

It runs right along 3 nice lakes (actually reservoirs), so it’s all very scenic.

Geese on the water

The geese seem to like it. (click for big)

There are a couple of side trails. There are all named some variation of “Natalie Miner’s Path,” and they have cool yellow blazes with a little black miner man in the middle.

Miner Dude Blazes

I gps logged the trail, so you can see it in the map now.

I also tagged the trail “lcn=ROAR” so it should show up in the Cyclemap, in a about a week.

One thought on “Roaring Creek Trail

  1. I know this trail is listed as a mountain biking trail but i sure wish they would smooth out the gravel road for many many of us Hibred bikers. It is too rough for our kind of biking. It is a beautiful 16mi. run but hard on bikes ane riders.

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