Politics By Canoe


There’s a guy running for State Senate who is making the rivers one of his big issues.

“From coal mine pollution, to out-of-date dams, there are all kinds of past damages that have been done to our waterways that we have the means to correct now,” Mr. Casimir said. “Anything I can do toward building fish ladders, toward cleaning up waterways, (and) just to making people aware of their connections via our waterways.”

I like it. I’m tired of hearing about gay marriage, abortion, and Mexicans all the time from politicians. I’m not gay, pregnant, or Mexican, so I just don’t give a damn. I do like to go kayaking in the river. Sometimes I fall out of my boat, and I would like that water to be clean.

In the spring and summer, Mr. Casimir intends to tour the watersheds of the district by canoe with his wife and three children to emphasize the natural connections that bind people together.

Kick ass! Campaigning by canoe!

I’m an independent, so I’m not allowed to vote in the Primaries in Pennsylvania. I don’t even live this this guy’s district, but I think he kicks ass anyways.