Cove Mountain


The Appalachian trail pretty much runs right through my back yard. So, I hiked the section from Marysville to Duncannon on Saturday.

I made friends with this dog along the way.

A hunting dog

He was supposed to be hunting foxes, but he followed me for about a half mile instead. We eventually found his owner, who was the one who told me about the fox hunt.

Near the end in Duncannon, is Hawk Rock, which has a pretty nice view. You can see the Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers, and a rather frozen looking Sherman’s Creek

Sherman's Creek

I made a panorama of the view with Hugin.

The View from Hawk Rock
The view from Hawk Rock (click for big)

The descent from Hawk Rock into Duncannon was an evil bitch. It’s steeper than hell on slippery, snowy rocks.

Snowy Rocks

I fell on my butt 3 times.

Today, I ordered a pair of yaktrax, which I hope to try out next weekend. They are supposed to give better traction on slippery ice and packed snow.

Of course, I GPS logged the 8 miles of trail I hiked, and put it on the map.

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