And yet, Socrates, I have heard that he who would be an orator has nothing to do with true justice, but only with that which is likely to be approved by the many who sit in judgment; nor with the truly good or honourable, but only with opinion about them, and that from opinion comes persuasion, and not from the truth.
–Plato (Phaedrus)

It may all be rhetoric and Sophistry, but I kind of like this Obama guy.

5 thoughts on “Sophistry

  1. His wikipedia article lists his official faith as UCC. I used to go to a UCC church before I became a heretic, and I don’t think they were as bat-shit insane as most Christian denominations.

    I suppose if you have to be a Christian (and to be president, you do) you could do a lot worse than UCC.

    I mainly support Obama by process of elimination. John McCain is part of the evil Republican war machine, and Hillary Clinton is Hillary Clinton.

    Plus, Obama girl has big jugs.

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