I went for a hike on the Darlington Trail today. I did an out-and-back from Lamb’s Gap Road to Miller’s Gap Road.

It was very sunny out, and with all the snow (about 5″ on the north side of the mountain), all my pictures came out overexposed.

Quite a handsome fellow

I bought that hat at a gas station for $3 this morning. It came in handy. It was a little cold on top of the mountain.

I had some GPS problems on the way out, but by the time I got to the turn-around point at Miller’s Gap, I had a strong signal, and got a nice GPS log on the way back.

You can see the fruits of today’s efforts on the map already.

I still have to do the section between Lamb’s Gap and Tower Road. Then, the Darlington trail will be completely mapped.

2 thoughts on “Overexposed

  1. bone, are you using a pen cam?

    i saw in your about page, that you have started a mapping site. so have we. its @ dirtdata.wordpress.com its big, getting bigger, with loads of collaborators. however, we need more. more! hoping you could give a shout out, maybe post a link, and contribute a few local dirty roads. waddaya say?


  2. No, that’s a full blown canon digital camera (Canon PowerShot A630), but I think the settings wheel moved to “low light mode” while it was in my pocket.

    Shout out is up.

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