First Catalyst Hike


My Catalyst arrived a few days ago. I’ve been excited to take it out, but I couldn’t fit an overnighter into my schedule for this weekend. It was raining pretty hard today, but I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I threw my dayhiking crap into the Catalyst, and went out on the Darlington Trail for a short hike.

Water in the woods

My dayhiking gear isn’t very heavy, so today’s hike probably wasn’t a good test, but the pack was extremely comfortable. There’s a lot more room in there that I’ll probably ever use, but the next smaller pack (the Circuit) doesn’t come in an XL size, and I need about 25″ between the shoulder straps and the hipbelt to accommodate my long, studly torso.

In all my excitement, I forgot to take any pictures of the pack itself (hard to do by yourself when you’re wearing it). So, you’ll have to settle for a picture of this handsome devil.

Staying dry in the Bivanorak
A handsome devil in a Bivanorak

I’m hoping to do an overnighter next weekend, so maybe I’ll have better pictures then.

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