I took my new backpack out for a proper overnight camping trip this weekend.

The weather was very nice on Saturday. It was warm and sunny, and all the streams got full and gurgly from melting snow.

Gurgly stream

I had about 25 pounds in the Catalyst, and it was very comfortable. I packed a few pounds more than I needed to, but I still made an effort to stick to the ‘lightweight’ style.

I slept under a tarp, but I had a 4 pound sleeping bag, which was probably a good thing, because It got kind of cold out.

My campsite.
My Campsite (before the snow)

When I woke up, everything was covered in new snow, which was all very pretty. Unfortunately, some snow blew in under the tarp, and my sleeping bag got a little wet.

Snow on the Mountain Laurel
The Stony Gap Trail

Calamity! My camera suffered a major technical problem, and I lost about half of the pictures from this adventure. I imagine that nobody even reads my words, since they just look at the pictures.

Since I don’t have any more pictures, I guess I don’t need any more words.

Update: You can now follow along in Google maps.

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5 thoughts on “Backpacking

  1. CU

    I would guess that the Bigfoot pictures were among the ones that got lost 😉
    Don’t worry, although I enjoy your pictures, your words make me read your blog.

  2. George,
    It’s an 8’x10′ tarp. It weighs less than a pound. So, you get tons of space, and good ventilation for very little weight.

    In the summertime, bugs are a problem.

    I’m glad you like my words. Unfortunately(?) I did not encounter any bigfotots. The pictures I lost were mostly of scenery, including what was going to be a 4-picture panorama of a really nice vista. I’m kind of bummed about that.

  3. I read your words and you’ve got me dreaming of sleeping outdoors again. Spring time, before the bugs, is perfect for tarp camping. Or, just sleeping under the stars. Personally, I’ve added a bivy to my gear checklist when sleeping out in tarps. Keeps the bag dry. Once the bugs come out, I wimp out and bring a tent.

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