Space Cadet


Girtong2 and I went out on the Conewago Trail yesterday. I’m not sure if it’s the monotony of the rail trail, or if I’m just getting senile in my old age, but we were riding along, and I was kind of lost in my own little world of thoughts.

Then, I gradually drifted off the trail, and rode my bicycle directly into the ditch. Girtong2 asked me what the hell just happened, and I had no idea. “I just kinda spaced out and ran into the ditch, ” says I.

For the sake of safety, we decided to head directly to the bar, post haste, for beverage and merriment.

Flaver's Bar

A wise decision, in my opinion.

Yesterday: 10 miles
March: 20 miles
2008: 92 miles

2 thoughts on “Space Cadet

  1. I had a spectacular crash that way about two years ago. I veered off the paved bike path. When I tried to climb the pavement lip, the rear wheel predictably failed to follow the front. I went ass over teakettle and landed flat on my back in the path. It was hilarious.

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