Investing Your Stimulus: Breezer


Breezer Citizen

Today’s installment : The Breezer Citizen

What’s good:

  • Fully equipped – fenders, rack, dynamo lighting, chain guard
  • Internally geared 3 speed rear hub – No need to get one’s hands greasy performing drive train maintenance
  • Built-in lock – Will do little more than keep honest people honest, but perhaps you live amongst honorable people

What’s bad:

  • Only available in three sizes – very tall or very short people may have problems finding a good fit

Since the Breezer Citizen comes so completely equipped, the only necessary additions are a helmet and a raincoat.

Giro Makai Helmet

A Giro Makai Helmet will help keep you safe from head trauma, while the inflammatory design informs passersby of your demonic disposition.

Showers Pass Touring

The Showers Pass Touring Jacket is made from technological marvel fabrics, which allow perspiration to evaporate, whilst keeping the rain at bay. Although it may be had in a variety of colors, the bright “Yelling Yellow” is more likely to be seen by motorists on a gloomy, rainy day.

Right, on to the numbers:

Breezer Citizen $580
Giro Makai $45
Showers Pass Touring Jacket $145
Total: $770

Breezer Bikes are available from Breezer Dealers.

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