Commuter Fuel


One of the challenges of bike commuting is trying to figure out what to have for lunch. Since my office is far from any restaurants, I have to pack in my lunch on days when I ride to work.

I think I may have found the ultimate commuter lunch:

Raja Foods makes a product called micro curry. It’s shelf stable (no refrigeration required). You pop it in the microwave at the office for 2 minutes, and shazam! you got vegan Indian food for lunch!

Because it’s shelf stable, it can sit in your panniers in the hot sun on the ride in, and you can keep several of them in a desk drawer at the office.

Swad Micro Curry

Add some Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice (also shelf stable) and you’re all set.

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice

I got the curry on sale for $.99 and the rice was $1.50, so lunch is $2.50.

Today: 10 miles
May: 114 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 182
2008 Total Miles: 262 miles

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