Boo Hoo! There’s Bears!


The local news ran a story this morning about a man who built his house right next to 14,000 acres of protected game lands, and now he’s shocked and amazed to learn that bears live there.

Interactive Map

The Yellow arrow on the map shows the approximate location of the housing development in question. The green areas are the game lands.

He wants the game commission to ‘relocate’ the bears. I’m not sure where they would relocate them to, since the game lands are where the bears are supposed to live in the first place.

Bear Cavalry

In the north country where I come from, everybody has bears in their yard, and nobody runs crying to the game commission about it. Bears really aren’t all that dangerous, and they generally make better neighbors than most people do.

The “Sylvania” part of the word “Pennsylvania” is Latin for “forest land.”

Bears live in the woods.


4 thoughts on “Boo Hoo! There’s Bears!

  1. The Bear Cavalry poster is great. I’d like one of those in the office.

    I didn’t know Pennsylvania still had the wildness to accommodate bears. That’s good to hear.

  2. According to the Game Commission, we have about 14,000 black bears in Pennsylvania.

    I don’t know how they got the bears to stand still long enough to count them.

    We have 1.4 million acres of preserved Game Lands, 2.1 million acres of state forest lands, and half a million acres of National Forests, so there’s still a bit of wilderness left out there.

  3. asdqwe123

    actually pennsylvania litteraly means ” Penn’s forest”, on account of it being named AFTER WILLIAM PENN’s FATHER, whom the king of england gave the charter of the land to in order to pay off a debt… dumbasses these days

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