Adventures in Lethargy


I was resolved not to go to work today, but I couldn’t quite decide whether I wanted to spend my day riding my bicycle or reading my books, so I decided to do both.

I threw my Kindle in the Carradice along with some provisions, and set out on the LVRT.


The LVRT is liberally festooned with park benches. I rode from one bench to the next, stopping to read a few pages before puttering off the the next bench, passing up those that were not squarely in the shade, as the weather was a good bit warmer than I generally prefer.

Given the rural location of the trail, I was surprised to find that the wireless broadband worked out here. I downloaded a newspaper, so as to stay abreast of world events while on my adventure.

Philadelphia Inquirer Kindle Edition

I’ve never been a fan of actual, physical newspapers. They are too big and unwieldy to handle comfortably, and I can never seem to fold them back up correctly. I like reading the newspaper on the Kindle, though.

After much bench-hopping, and a few chapters of my book, I came at last to the Colebrook Twin Kiss.

Ice Cream!

After stopping for some refreshment, I reversed my direction, and continued my bench-hopping routine, until I returned to my starting place.

Today: 20 miles
July: 32 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 184
2008 Total Miles: 329 miles

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