Taking Retro-Grouchitude to New Extremes


During my recent peruſals of various hiſtorical documents, I was somewhat perplexed by the appearance of a strange letter.

Long S

After, a bit of reſearch, I learned that this is the way a true retro-grouch writes the letter S, when it appears in the middle of a word.

I vigorouſly encourage dandified bicyclers of all sorts to make uſe of this wondrous letter in all future correſpondences.

After all, any poſeur can ride his lugged, steel bicycle to any haberdaſhery, procure himſelf a tweed hat, and preſent himſelf to the world as a retro-grouch.

A true gentleman of the wheel, however, applies a retro-grouchy character to all of his endeavors.

Expreſs your sneering condemnation of plaſtic modernity with a grace and panache almoſt unknown in these mournful days of brazen booriſhneſs.

The Long S; a more elegant letter for a more civilized age.


One thought on “Taking Retro-Grouchitude to New Extremes

  1. I love this post because it hits close to home — I study eighteenth-century literature, and during my classes in which I’m doing tons of research into original documents, I actually get to the point where it looks funny not to have that particular variant of the S in the middle of the word. Nerd alert!

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