Adventures in Lethargy II


After a hard week’s toil in the cubicle farm, I needed some time in the great out-of-doors to enjoy my bicycle and my books. The general plan was the same as last time; Ride until I felt like reading, then read until I felt like riding.

Less than a mile into my ride, I happened upon Girtong2 riding along with his kids. So, I stopped to chat for a bit. Girtong2 did not seem to believe me when I told him I was planning to ride all the way to Mt. Gretna today.

He soon had to turn back, as his offspring were not up for a lengthy adventure.

I rode on, stopping occasionally to relax, observe the cows, and read about the adventures of Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

When I finally arrived at the turn-around point, I produced some photographic evidence that I made it to Mt. Gretna despite Girtong’s skepticism.


Today: 25 miles
August: 65 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 224
2008 Total Miles: 421 miles

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