I Hate Dogs


I went for a little cruise around Marysville this evening, gathering GPS tracks for OpenStreetMap. I rolled up to a stop light, and no sooner had I put my foot down, when a viscous, evil, snarling hell-hound sprang from the bushes and made like he wanted to eat me.

I jumped off my bike the tried to keep it between me and the fell creature. We must have circled each other – dog-fight style – a dozen times before his owner came out to see what all the fuss was about.

She seemed to be of the opinion that by keeping my bike between us, I was instigating her mutt’s aggression. She even went to far as to grab my handlebars a few times to try to make me stop.

As soon as I saw an opportunity, I wrested my bike free, jumped back on, and fled with all haste.

Today: 5 miles
August: 70 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 224
2008 Total Miles: 426 miles

8 thoughts on “I Hate Dogs

  1. I hear that one of the central themes of dog obedience training is that misbehavior is not the dog’s fault. Obviously, in this case it was your fault.

  2. Yea, goes to show you…what we value more in life..remember back when 93.5 WTPA got all the shit for the “listen or the dog gets it” billboard back in the day?
    Glad I live south of the Mason Dixon line where we just shoot the dog if it comes after us and no one cares

  3. “when a viscous, evil, snarling hell-hound sprang from the bushes and made like he wanted to eat me.”

    Now…this part is about the dog…right?

  4. Buck

    I know Orvis has looked at your legs before like a big drumstick and started to drool. You better watch yourself this weekend.

  5. Anonymous

    You could live in an area near a Chinatown or Koreatown. I live by one such area. There are no strays as they end up on the barbie. In the mean time, carry the bear spray. The problem is that a cyclist is vulnerable to crazies of all types. Get a stationary bike and watch TV. Then drive, cocooned in the car’s cockpit.

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