Books: A Study in Scarlet


A Study in Scarlet

This was another free download from Manybooks. I had never read a Sherlock Holmes book before, so it seemed to make sense to start at the beginning.

It’s kind of a goofy story told by Dr. Watson; recently returned from the war in Afghanistan.

You get to lean how Holmes and Watson met, and came to be roommates. As one would expect from a Sherlock Holmes story, there’s a bizarre murder to solve, which Holmes figures out quite easily, after jumping though various logical hoops.

The books is split into two parts. The first part ends so suddenly, and the second part is so different from the first, I thought I accidentally started reading a different book.

The second part takes place in Utah, and says all sorts of terrible things about Mormons. I rate Mormonism second only to Scientology as the silliest religion in the world, so I didn’t find this part at all offensive, though others evidently did.

On the whole, it was fun to read, but Watson’s apparent idiocy and worship of Holmes’s mental faculties seemed out of place for so educated a man.

Dr. Watson is a Doctor, after all.

I give A Study in Scarlet 3 Jihadis out of 5.

3 Jihadis out of 5

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