I’ve been spending too much time riding along the river and on rail trails.

My evil plans to conquer the world will never succeed if I can’t ride my bicycle up hills. So today, I decided to head west, away from the river, and into the Appalachian foothills near my house.

I was planning to ride to the AT, and turn around and ride back – about 16 miles round trip.

I knew it was gonna be a roller coaster ride with the hills, so I cranked down each hill as hard as I could to keep my momentum for the grind up the next one.

I survived about 4.5 miles of this before my legs melted and my lungs caught fire.

So, I turned around.

Today: 9 miles
August: 108 miles
2008 Utility Miles: 234
2008 Total Miles: 464 miles

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