Who’s Up for Some Bike Camping?


I was talking to The Sloth after critical mass the other night, and we mulled over the idea of doing an overnight bike-camping trip to do the Pine Creek Rail Trail, ideally in full leaf season (Early October maybe?).

This would be a slow, meandering ride, with many stops to take pictures, scratch our butts, and enjoy the quiet of the wilderness.

The trail is about 70 miles long, so we would ride about 35 miles each day, unless everyone wants to skip some of the less scenic southern sections.

We’ll need to secure a camping permit from DCNR, so we’re gonna need a headcount and we’ll have to pick a weekend fairly soon.

If interested, please leave a comment, or send me an email and let me know which weekend works best for you.

  1. Sept 27 – 28
  2. Oct 4th – 5th
  3. Oct 11 – 12
  4. Nov 1st – 2nd (I can’t do Oct 18 or 25)

I did this by myself last year, and it was really nice.

Tex, Expedia says round-trip airfare from SDF to MDT is $206.00. You know you want to come.

7 thoughts on “Who’s Up for Some Bike Camping?

  1. #1 would involve me moving into your basement because I went for a bike ride on my wife’s birthday. #3 is iffy and I may have to make a trip to NYC that weekend. The other two weekends are fine.

    Black Walnut Bottom looks like the last place to camp if we’re heading south. I can’t seem to find any decent information about camping permits. DCNR’s site refers me to the Tioga county site, and vice-versa. Hope you know something I don’t. 🙂

  2. I think you need to get the permits from the Tiadaghton State Forest office. I’ll figure it out once we know when / how many people we have.

  3. I’m thinking the Oct 4th weekend will work best. Probably start at Wellsboro Junction and ride south. That will make the first day slightly longer than the second, but we have an hour-long drive to go back for the car.

    So far, it looks like it’s just you and me. Can you get a second bike in your car / on your rack for the ride back to the top?

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