Pure Genius


What will they think of next? These are Khakis with reflective stuff inside, so when you roll up your pants to get on your bike, you’re already reflective.

They put some in the back pockets, too, so you can turn them inside out and have big goofy reflective butt-flaps.

Here’s a video of how it looks to a person in a car.

They cost an astounding $95 bucks, and the biggest size they make is a 38, which I haven’t fit into since about the 5th grade.

Maybe someday when I’m rich and skinny, I’ll get a pair. In the meanwhile, I might get a roll of scotchlite off ebay and sew some reflective goodness into my cuffs..

2 thoughts on “Pure Genius

  1. I saw the same pants and the same waist sizes too. My girth is going to keep me from partaking of the many new urban cycling styles. I have to decorate my head like you’ve done. Walz cap? Mine is pumpkin orange. Peace.

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