Journey of a Thousand Miles


Did you know that if you hike all 798 miles of State Forest Hiking Trails in Pennsylvania, they give you an award?

Well, they do. You get a certificate, a patch, and a “ceremonial walking stick.”

I would really like to have my very own ceremonial walking stick.

I’d also like to finish walking all of the Appalachian trail in Pennsylvania. All together, it comes out to about a thousand miles of walking.

At the end of this, I will be a grizzled old mountain man.

With a ceremonial walking stick.

You will all, no doubt, be greatly jealous of my grizzled manliness, and of my walking stick. If you ask nicely, I will whack you in the head with it.

My walking stick, that is. Not my grizzled manliness.

4 thoughts on “Journey of a Thousand Miles

  1. Buck

    You could have used that walking stick while we were in line for the haunted hayride the other night. I know I could have leaned on something for a little extra support. It certainly felt like a thousand miles from point A to point B.

  2. @Apertome,

    KTA has other awards you can shoot for, too.

    I’m about 70 miles into the Appalachian Trail award. You might want to check out the Pinchot Trail System. It’s part of the State Forest Trails System, and is pretty close to you, I think.

    Just be careful about bear bagging. The bears in the Poconos are really pretty bad.

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