Hiking: Rocky Knob Trail


This morning, I donned my spiffiest hiking hat, and began my effort to hike all 798 miles of the State Forest Hiking Trails System.

I hiked the Rocky Knob Trail in the Michaux State Forest.

Me at the Trailhead

The trail is a fairly easy 4 mile loop. There’s only one real climb, and you are rewarded for your labor with a nice view.

If you look carefully, you will notice that the leaves are falling here in Pennsylvania.


I took my GPS along, and now the Rocky Knob Trail is in OpenStreetMap.

OpenStreetMap of Rocky Knob Trail

4 miles down, 794 left to go before I get my ceremonial walking stick.

3 thoughts on “Hiking: Rocky Knob Trail

  1. That is indeed a spiffy hat. I have a couple of “hiking hats” but I always feel like I look silly wearing them. Yours looks good.

    Very nice view indeed from the trail! Love it.

  2. I got it at Bass Pro. It says “packable felt” something or other on it. I’m not sure of the brand. Possibly the “Redhead” house brand at Bass Pro.

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