Hiking: Hawk Mountain Sanctuary


Last weekend, Klinutus and my evil sister decided they wanted to hike around the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, although I rather grossly underestimated the difficulty of some of the trails.

They were a tad rocky for my taste.


The trail they call the Skyline Trail, is really not a hiking trail at all. It’s almost entirely rock scrambling. I do not enjoy rock scrambling very much, especially when I was thinking we were just going for a leisurely walk in the woods.


It was not long before the hills rang out the obscene echoes of my shouted complaining.


After what seemed like an eternity clinging to the rocks, we were rewarded with a nice view.


The View

Klinutus and Evil Sister take in the view

In any event, I survived, and actually had a good time. Strange how that works; even if you’re miserable out there, you always remember it as having been fun — once you get home.

More pictures in the Gallery, if you like pictures.

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