Hiking: AT – Susquehanna River to Peters Mountain Road


Yesterday, I finished up the hike I intended to complete two weeks ago. I mistakenly looked at an outdated map, which listed the distance as 4 miles, when it was actually more like 7.


The dashed red line is where the map in my Topo software said the trail was. The squiggly back line is where the trail actually is, as recorded by my GPS.

It’s a short, but strenuous climb from the river to the top of the mountain. You can see the river the whole time you work your way up the switchbacks, which is very disorienting, because the river is visible on both sides of the ridge.

Here, you can see across the river to Duncannon (on the right). You can also see where Sherman’s Creek empties into the Susquehanna (in the middle).

Sherman's Creek

This hike also afforded me the opportunity to test out a new piece of gear.

2009 ULA Conduit backpack

This is a brand-spanking-new 2009 ULA Conduit. It weighs an astonishing 17ounces, which is about 2 pounds lighter than the daypack it replaced.

ULA backpacks are nice for a number of reasons, not least of which is their use of the Heavy Metal Umlaut.

ULA Conduit

The Conduit was very comfortable on this trip, but it was a short hike, and I didn’t have very much gear with me, so I hope to give it a more rigorous (overnighter) test soon.

2 thoughts on “Hiking: AT – Susquehanna River to Peters Mountain Road

  1. Tim

    Nothing like a little “Orgasmatron” to brighten your day. better still, the “Ace of Spades”. I have fond memories of roaming downtown Louisville- for some reason- with Lemme cranking out of my walkman headphones. I herefore resolve to use an extraneous Heavy Metal umlaut this week for good measure.

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