As I was going through my boxes of bike stuff to find my gloves and whatnot this morning, it occurred to me that my collection of bicycling paraphernalia is worth a lot more than my car.

That’s almost ridiculous.

I walked over to the empty cubicle my bike parks in to get a snack from my pannier. I have a flat tire!

I found a 1.5″ nail sticking into the tread near the valve stem. I bet it was long enough to stick into the rim tape.

Turns out the topeak alien tool’s built-in tire levers actually work. (I didn’t have my normal kit with me). Keeping a floor pump in your cubicle makes lunchtime bicycle repairs more pleasant. Maybe I should stash tire levers and a spare tube in a desk drawer, too.

Today: 10 miles
January: 10 miles
2009 Utility Miles: 10
2009 Total Miles: 10
Departure Temp: 29° F

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