Today was my first ride with the studded tires on this season. I am suddenly aware of how much of my bicycling fitness I lost while I was off the bike hiking for the past 2 months.

Evidently, hiking and bicycling use entirely different muscles.

The sloth has proposed riding our bicycles to Washington DC this spring to visit the new president.

It’s pretty far to the White House from here. I will need to get my ass back on the bike with more regularity to make that trip possible.

Today: 10 miles
January: 20 miles
2009 Utility Miles: 20
2009 Total Miles: 20
Departure Temp: 25° F

3 thoughts on “Commute

  1. You’re not the only one. I didn’t realize just how far BWI is from the White House, and was kinda thinking the 41 miles of rail trail would be the “long ride”. I guess I gotta start piling on the miles if I want to put my bicycle where my mouth is.

  2. Well, my original intent was to see if I could actually get to DC from Harrisburg in less than a day and stay off the roads as much as possible – bike and light rail. But that loop you’re suggesting has a ferry ride, so I’m all in.

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