A Question for the Minnesotans


How cold does it have to be before it’s a good idea to wear goggles? It looks like it will be 10°F for my Friday morning commute, and I don’t want my eyeballs freezing shut.

8 thoughts on “A Question for the Minnesotans

  1. Highly variable. My eyelashes ice up when it’s below zero, but even then I don’t use goggles. A couple friends of mine wear goggles even when it’s 30 degrees.

  2. I don’t wear goggles except on rare occasions. I’ve never froze my eyeballs. I used to try to wear goggles, but my gaitor I use to cover my face directs my exhaled breath up and out of the top of the gaiter and fogs up any eyewear or goggles I might be wearing. However, the warm air from exhaling also keeps the eyeballs warm.

    The only exception the past few years have been in blizzard conditions. I like to go out during blizzards (bragging rights). Goggles are required in 60 mph winds with blowing snow. Those 60 mph winds do a nice job of keeping the goggles from fogging.

  3. CJBakker

    North Dakotan not Minnesotan, but I figure close enough. I bike at -15 F without goggles. Blowing snow would be more reason to wear them than just cold. My eyelashes get icy, but freezing shut hasn’t been a problem yet.

  4. Your timely entry reminded me to dig up the safety goggles for yesterday morning’s -1F commute and they did the charm. I then went and bought some new $5 googles from the hardware store that are a bit more comfy and less intrusive. They can present problems fogging up when stopped, but otherwise they were fine. I’m going to use them more just for eye safety. thanks again for the reminder.

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