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Yeah, I know this is nominally a blog about bicycles, but the weather and a general lack of motivation have kept me inside reading books instead of outside riding bikes.


I saw the preview for the movie version, and wanted to read the book before I saw the film. It’s alarmingly good. It’s the only graphic novel on Time magazine’s top 100 novels of all time list.

It takes the super-hero comic book idea, and turns it inside out. It’s kind of hard to believe that anyone would write a super-hero comic after this.

Most of the super-heroes don’t even have any super powers, and they are all more or less crazy. If you think about it, only a crazy person would dress up in a goofy outfit to fight crime if they didn’t have any super-powers.*

It’s a little slow to get started, there’s a lot of characters to introduce, and they all have long, convoluted back-stories, but before too long, the shit starts to hit the fan, and the suspension builds.

Then there’s a “holy shit, I can’t believe they did that” ending.

I give Watchmen 5 jihadis out of 5, and I’m excited to see the movie.

5 jihadis out of 5

* Any police officers reading this can decide for themselves whether I’m making fun of their uniforms or their mental health status

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