3 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny

  1. Nope, that’s right its not about a magical bunny. It’s about a man who was executed, woke up 3 days later, had magic beings with white wings roll aside a big rock in front of his tomb, and then started walking around scaring all his old friends and groupies. The “real” story is a whole lot more logical, don’t you see.

  2. The bunny, eggs, and chocolate (an mild aphrodisiac) are all left over phallic symbols from when Easter was a pagan holiday celebrating the goddess Ä’astre.

  3. Perhaps they simply abhor the ritualized slaughter of sweet little bunnies. Or the practice (lamentably abandoned…) of dying little chicks beautiful spring hues. Or the clever hiding of painted embryos and the leaving in place of same until the stench outs them. Or the wild eyed worship of…a…ZOMBIE.

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